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Christmas 2022 Bookings

Santa's Grotto

Age range up to 16yrs

Cost £3.00 per child (money raised will go to the School)

Maximum of 2 children per time-slot

Time slots are 5mins

Each child will get a small gift

Photograph consent needed

Details needed: name/age/school/what gift are they hoping for (mainly so Santa knows what to chat to them about)

Screenshot (18).png
Screenshot (14).png
Screenshot (16).png
KSSC Christmas Disco

Age range 3-11yrs old

Numbers to be limited to 75 children

Entry fee is £2.00 per child (money raised will be to pay for the disco)

Each child/group of children to be accompanied by a responsible adult

For Health & Safety reasons, prams cannot be “stored” on-site

Any food allergies or other issues must be listed on the form

Photographs will be taken on the night so consent needed

Details needed: name/age/responsible adult

Screenshot (19).png
Screenshot (15).png
Screenshot (17).png
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