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Emergency Planning Committee

This committee has the important job of considering Kessingland's Emergency Plan and its implementation.  As a committee it only has a single scheduled meeting each year but can call meetings as required.  At present its main remit is updating the current Emergency Plan (which has been used a basis for a lot of parish emergency plans across Suffolk) and following the current pandemic, consider any additional provisions required.  The committee elects its Chair and Vice Chair who take on the roles of Emergency Co-ordinator and Deputy Emergency Co-ordinator.  These individuals are then notified to the Suffolk Co-ordinator and receive regular updates along with severe weather warnings and local issues which may combine with other factors to create conditions which could create an emergency.  This is a committee whose work can be vitally important but which equally, you hope, doesn't need to meet too often.

The members of this committee are: Cllr Caroline Carter, Cllr Alan Green, Cllr Lynda Hood, Cllr Sid James and Cllr Julie McLean.


To read the Terms of Reference of the committee please click here.

The minutes and agendas for the Emergency Planning committee meetings are listed in the box to the right, clicking on the individual date will open the minutes for you.  Only the Agenda for the next meeting is displayed.

Copies of  minutes on this website do not have the Chairs signature on them in order that their signatures can not be used for improper purposes.  If you wish to see a signed copy of the minutes, these are available at the council office.

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Emergency Planning Agenda

The next meeting is as yet to be scheduled.


Emergency Planning Minutes

24-02-14 Minutes

23-09-27 Minutes

23-06-20 Minutes

22-12-01 No meeting but senario performed.

22-06-15 Minutes

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