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Leisure & Amenities Committee

Leisure & Amenities Agenda

The next meeting is as yet to be scheduled. ​

Leisure & Amenities Minutes
24-03-19 No meeting
24-01-16 No meeting
23-11-21 Minutes
23-09-26 Minutes
23-07-18 Minutes
23-06-20 Minutes
23-03-20 No meeting
23-01-16 Minutes

22-11-21 Minutes 

22-09-26 Minutes
22-07-18 Minutes

In 2020 the council changed the Leisure and Amenities Working Group into the Leisure and Amenities Committee in order to make the workings of the council more transparent.  This is a large and important committee of the council as it looks after a lot of the areas of the council's responsibilities which the public see on a day to day basis.  It looks after things like the allotments, the Francis Road Playing Fields, the other play areas, the Roy Brown Memorial Garden and the assets that the council owns such as benches, bus shelters, and bins.  It also works with the village clean up group as well as the marsh and beach wardens.  The committee holds regular meetings and its agenda and minutes are published on the website.

The members of this committee are: Cllr Robert de Brea,  Cllr Chris Cook, Cllr Lynda Hood and Cllr Julie McLean (Vice Chair).

To read the Terms of Reference of the committee please click here.


The minutes and agendas for the Leisure & Amenities committee meetings are listed in the box to the left, clicking on the individual date will open the minutes for you.  Only the Agenda for the next meeting is displayed.

Copies of minutes on this website do not have the Chairs signature  on them in order that their signatures can not be used for improper purposes.  If you wish to see a signed copy of the minutes, these are available at the Council office.

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