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Greening Kessingland

Kessingland Parish Council passed a Climate Emergency in 2019 and is working on developing an action plan for reducing its own carbon footprint and enabling the Kessingland Community to do the same.  The council feels that it is important work that can only be carried out by the community having a voice and putting forward suggestions for future action.

As a community, we are working hard to expand our green spaces across the village. The council currently own multiple allotments and are expanding a Community garden on Rider Haggard Way which is open for all to enjoy. This space contains bee hives, wild flowers, vegetable patches, communal benches and wooden tipis which allows accessibility for all.

The parish council have agreed to work with other parishes and Eastern New Energy which is a publicly funded project to develop more locally based climate actions.  Eastern New Energy is a consortium of councils, universities, some businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

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