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Events & Communications Committee

Youth Club Sub-Committee


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22-11-17 Minutes

The Events and Communication Committee has been formed from the Events Working Group which incorporated the Kessingland Events Group (KEG).  This is now a formal committee of the council because it has delegated powers to spend money on events for the community.  The committee generally meets monthly but will also continue to function with the KEG in order to co-ordinate a variety of events for the community alongside other organisations within the parish.

Any groups/organisations/businesses are welcome to join the KEG and contribute to the arranging and promoting of events within the parish.  The KEG operates as a networking and organising group and the council recognises that not everyone will be able to attend all meetings or to commit to support every event.  Whilst there will be a core group who will be involved in all or the majority of events, individuals may only wish to be involved with one, two or a few.  Even if you cannot help organise and run events you may have the ability to publicise them or do other work for events.

The committee looks at both events and communications.  The former is done with KEG and is funded both from a limited budget from the council alongside fund-raising.  The Communications responsibility of the committee covers the councils communication with the public via the website, the Village News and social media and members of the committee have responsibilities alongside the Clerk in managing the councils's communications.

The members of this committee are: Cllr Caroline Carter, Cllr Chris Cook (Vice-Chair), Cllr Lynda Hood & Cllr Julie McLean (Chair).

To read the Terms of Reference of the Events committee please click here.  To read the ToR of the Youth Sub-Committee please click here.


The minutes and agendas for the Events and Communications  committee meetings are listed in the box to the left, clicking on the individual date will open the minutes for you.  Only the Agenda for the next meeting is displayed.

Copies of minutes on this website do not have the Chairs signature on them in order that their signatures can not  be used for improper purposes.  If you wish to see a signed copy of the minutes, these are available at the Council office.

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